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The more things change…

metamorphosis: a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one…

Completely different might overstate it, but there’s changes brewin’ to be sure. I started this blog as not only a place for creative expression, but as a safe place for me to share my opinions, ideas & emotions. While I’ve historically aimed for positive content, inevitably life happens and negative things are thrown into the mix. I guess what I’ve been pondering (ie. overthinking, says my hubby ;) ) over the course of the last year is my responsibility to (any of) my (lingering) readers and the impact my words might have on their day. As this blog is more about me and my life and thoughts than it is a food, photography or lifestyle blog, I guess it was inevitable that I would come to this crossroads. What is the balance between freedom of self-expression and a concern for the impact of that expression? While I’ve been thinking about this, it has stalled all desire to blog, I have to admit. That’s why my posts have been so few in number. I will continue to think on this, but the conclusion I’ve reached for now is that this is my effing blog and people can read if they choose, comment if they choose (please comment… it makes my day), or even ‘like’ it. OR they can unfollow me. This really is my space and – bitch, please – I’m taking it back.


While we’re at it, I’ll just admit now that I’ve been listening to waaay too much hair band rock. At the time (the ’80s, duh), I was in university listening to all things punk and new wave. If you have things to do today though and need a little motivation, I can’t think of anything better than a little Guns N’ Roses. Enjoy!


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